Referral ServicesBuying property is much easier with a team of professionals backing you up. We’re experts in the home loan process and can also refer you to the other experts you’ll need throughout your property buying journey.

So, who do you need on your team? Here are some of the key professionals you may need along the way. If you require any of these services, let us know and we’ll be happy to recommend someone we know and trust.


A conveyancer is a person professionally licensed and qualified to provide advice and information about the sale of a property. They prepare the relevant legal documentation, conduct the settlement process and ensure the property title is transferred into your name correctly.


An accountant can provide you with specialized knowledge relating to your financial matters such as your tax liabilities and potential deductions. They can also be helpful in the home buying process, particularly if you are purchasing an investment property

Property Valuer

A valuer provides professional reports on the valuation of properties.

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