It’s time to get fnancial peace of mind. We’ll work with your chosen lender to conditionally approve your home loan application, so you can go house hunting with confidence.

The Process

Home loan pre-approval allows you to confirm that it will be possible to get a home
loan and determine how much you can borrow.

Home loan pre-approval is usually subject to you meeting the required terms and conditions of the lender—for example, being able to provide the loan documentation required and proving you have a deposit.
Pre-approval looks at your personal circumstances in order to determine your borrowing power.

With a few simple questions and documents provided by you we can work with the lenders on your behalf to get you the go ahead to start seriously looking!

Documents you need for pre-approval

Lenders require certain documents before they will approve your home loan application. For approval you will need:

Evidence of your deposit, which ideally should be at least 10% of what you want to borrow

A budget showing your regular expenditure. This is called your living expenses and must be very accurate. We’ll work with you to put this together for the lender

Evidence of your savings history

A letter from your employer confirming your employment or a copy of your employment contract

Your last two tax returns, with details of income from salary and investments (if you have any)

At least the last three month’s payslips